Cameron Mitchell was one of the contenders on the Glee reality competition spin-off The Glee Project. Cameron quit The Glee Project in Sexuality due to the show's confliction with his Christian morals. This later resulted in the safety of Cameron's friend, Damian McGinty, in the competition.


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  • His full name is Robert Cameron Mitchell, but he goes by Cameron.
  • Cameron is a devout Christian.
  • Is best friends with Damian McGinty. They have a webshow called CDTV which they update every once in a while.
  • Called his mom during the competition.
  • Has been in the bottom 3 times before he quit in Sexuality.
  • Was Demi Lovato's first boyfriend back in her middle school days.
  • Is a fan of "girl jeans" (skinny jeans).
  • Knows how to beatbox and accompanied Hannah in her rapping.
  • His skin is very sensitive - he forced a cut during the shooting of Under Pressure/Ice, Ice, Baby.
  • Usual attire is button down shirt with or without cardigan.
  • Like Damian, he chooses Australia as the one place he always wanted to visit.
  • Is the third oldest contestant in The Glee Project, with Bryce and Emily being the oldest.
  • His favorite song is Blackbird by The Beatles.
  • Has written Original Songs such as Love Can Wait, Dance, Dance (If You Wanna), Worry Is War, Pay Them Bills, The Road, Sounds of Letting Go, Remember This, and I Need Your Love.
  • Is the first The Glee Project contestant to quit.
  • Throughout the show there is an inconsistancy with his age. During episode 1, his age is listed as "21" and it is changed to age "20" in episode 2. However, at the start of filming, he was officially 21 years old.
  • Has 3 pairs of glasses (one with a white detail in Firework, one that is plain black and a leopard skin in Tenacity and Sexuality).




  • Need You Now (Marissa) (Pair Ability)
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside (Lindsay) (Pair Ability)
  • River Deep-Mountain High (Lindsay) (Pair Ability)

Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered, (I'm Yours) (Individuality)
  • Firework (Individuality)
  • Bad Romance (Theatricality)[1]
  • We're Not Gonna Take It (Theatricality)
  • Please Don't Leave Me (Vulnerability)
  • Mad World (Vulnerability)
  • Hey, Soul Sister (Dance Ability)
  • U Can't Touch This (Dance Ability)
  • Bulletproof (Tenacity)
  • Ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure (Tenacity)
  • Like A Virgin (Sexuality)
  • Teenage Dream (Sexuality)